Live from Crypto Valley

Blockchain, crypto and the new business ecosystems
(Doppelausgabe mit Vahlen Verlag)

Lewrick, Michael/Di Giorgio, Christian
ISBN 978-3-03909-282-6
1. Auflage
erschienen in 2019
Sprache E
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About the book

“Why blockchain?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. These and many other questions are answered in a simple and understandable way in this book about blockchain.

The authors, Michael Lewrick and Christian Di Giorgio, work with companies, investors, startups and other actors in Crypto Valley, Switzerland. With “Live from Crypto Valley” they provide a
unique insight into how new business ecosystems are designed, for which projects ICOs are suitable, and how new market opportunities and growth markets can be tapped into using blockchain technology.

The book offers:

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about blockchain and crypto.
  • Six different perspectives on the subject with information for startups, investors and well-established enterprises.
  • Simple explanations and visualizations of complex concepts.
  • Proven methods for the design of business ecosystems and the assessment of blockchain projects.

More information

This is what industry leaders have to say about this book:

“Live from Crypto Valley provides precise and easy to understand frameworks to make any blockchain project work.” Olga Feldmeier, CEO at SMART VALOR

“The logic behind blockchain does not have to be difficult to understand. Here is an easily accessible guidebook to the future.” Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation Management, IMD. Author of “The Idea Hunter” and “Reinventing Giants”

“Easy to understand and skillfully illustrated, this book provides a solid introduction to a topic that will shape our future.” Eugen Stamm, Finance Journalist at the NZZ

“The Crypto Valley book is simple, clear and filled with many practical examples.” Richard Olsen, Founder and CEO of Lykke

The authors

Michael Lewrick has had various roles in recent years. He served as Chief Innovation Officer and laid the foundation for several growth initiatives in industries undergoing digital transformation. In recent years, he has intensively worked on the design of business ecosystems, especially in connection with blockchain as an enabling technology. He has supported various startups and international companies design new business ecosystems and implement disruptive innovations. He is, among others, the co-author of the international bestseller “The Design Thinking Playbook”.

Christian Di Giorgio has a particular talent: he purposefully transforms business requirements into digital solutions. As a computer scientist and business engineer, he knows both worlds. Over the last two decades, he has designed ICT architectures for complex IT challenges. After his career with IBM and Swisscom, he is now active as a blockchain consultant for large enterprises and startups in Crypto Valley. Customers value Christian’s IT expertise and experience, especially in the challenges of integrating blockchain applications into existing IT environments.

Deutsche Originalausgabe
Lewrick/Di Giorgio: Live aus dem Krypto-Valley [Link zum Buch]

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